Toilet Chemicals

Toilet Chemicals
    Camp Green&Camp Rinse Liquid

Liquid chemicals

Availabe in 4 capacities: 430ml pack ( CHH-692);  500ml pack (CHH-690); 1L pack (CHH-693); 2L pack (CHH-695); 

1 pack includes 1 bottle of Camp Rinse and 1 bottle of Campe Green

Product Information

Camp Rinse(Detergent) is a multi-purpose flush water additive for the fresh water tank. It keeps the water in the container fresh and ensures better flushing. Also it leaves a protective film in the toilet bowl and on the valve which has a cleansing effect as well.

Camp Green(Deodorant) is an especially effective additive for waste holding tank, which will help to reduce the build-up gas and unpleasant odors.